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When I was 27 years old, in 1995, I wrote the 340 page "The Answers to All the World's Problems" over the course of a few months. The title is a bit sarcastic- a response to hearing people through the media always saying "I don't have the answers to all the world's problems, but blah, blah, blah". The most common criticism of the title goes something like this: "Problems have solutions, not answers".

That actually isn't always true, however. For example, we're all mortal. There is no solution, only an answer: "get over it".


 In any case, I wrote this book out of a need to communicate my unique series of remarkable deductions. The act of completing the first draft- and only draft- of the manuscript was a personal exorcism. I think it's fair to say that I was unhappy prior to it's writing, and I felt resolution and happiness after- something I've enjoyed to this day.

The manuscript sat unpublished for the better part of a decade, after which I decided to publish the original, unedited document. It still has the typos, the brazen hubris, and, frankly, the brilliance of those moments in my young life. Here nearly 15 years later, it's still unique and pertinent to our current political climate.

The book is available in published form, but as I don't get royalties for all of the "used" copies of the book dumped on the market by my current publisher, I prefer that you purchase the PDF file directly for a fraction of the book price- all of which goes to me.





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