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The Truth about Ferguson

 December 2014

The older I get, the more I understand how dumb the average human being really is.

Even the smartest among us (apparently me) is still human- but almost all of the rest of you are so married to stereotypes and cultural memes that it hardly seems you can be accused of “thinking” at all, in most cases. (If you’re not moved to read further, I may be referring to you).

 The situation in Ferguson Missouri is a case in point.

 On the surface, we have two apparent sides to choose from:

The first is that of the protestors who think that Mike Brown is some sort of hero-martyr figure who represents the plight of the innocent “black” youth against the racist police state; and the second is that of an innocent police department which was forced to use force against a lethal threat.

 If we were to evaluate this incident in a vacuum, then choosing a side would be easy.

 300-pound Mike Brown deserved to be shot in the face the moment he put his hands on the Pakistani shopkeeper. Forget about what happened next.

Everybody knows that.

 There’s not one person in that crowd of protestors who wouldn’t have wanted to pump a round into Mike Brown if he had done that to someone they cared about.

 But this isn’t about Mike Brown, and it’s not about what Darren Wilson did to Mike Brown.

 This is a surrogate for larger issues, obviously.

Like everything else that’s ugly about the United States, this is about what democratic fascists have done to the nation, and about what they are planning to do.

 And as usual, the real underlying relations set the stereotypes on their heads- which starts the average person’s brain to smoking.

 Let’s start with “racism”.

If you recognize the existence of race, you are a racist.

 A person can know very little about the history of another person’s DNA by his appearance. It’s extremely offensive to refer to another person as “black” or “white”, because you’re claiming historical knowledge that you don’t have, and this doesn’t support truth. The most you can accomplish is to reinforce stereotypes.

We are ALL mixed race, and NO ONE- especially the government- has the authority to place us in any racial bucket. The mere use of words like that to describe people should be as offensive as the "n" word.

People are individuals- and if you see it differently, then do the rest of us a favor and dive into the Grand Canyon.

 Secondly, there’s a great well of hatred between so-called “black youth” and the police that is projected onto the Mike Brown incident, without which the protests wouldn’t exist.

The source is mainly two-fold, with the first component allowing the second.

The main source of conflict between the population and the police is drug prohibition, simply stated.

It seems that everyone who has opinions on drug prohibition, regardless of what they are, has been fooled into thinking that the government has the authority to make decisions about what drugs a person in society may be allowed to buy, sell, produce, or use.

 It doesn’t.

The role of government is one object: to secure the blessings of liberty.

 It’s not to ensure safety.

It’s not to protect, and it’s not to serve.

 It’s to make sure that individuals are FREE to do what they choose, as long as they’re not violating someone else’s rights, period.

 There is no reasonable argument that can show that buying, selling, producing, or using the drugs in question is in itself a violation of another’s rights- and I’m always happy to destroy the childish façade of anyone who thinks otherwise, as I’ve proven elsewhere.

 Police have been placed on the wrong side of natural law and of The Constitution on this question for decades- and they’ve used this power to oppress and to plunder innocent people of all backgrounds. The fact that this hits lower-income populations more significantly is incidental.

 There’s really only one word to describe it: Evil.

It’s worth hating, and it’s worth fighting- no matter what color you are.

 The second major source of hate between the population and the government is Marxist ideology and its proponents.

Marxists hate the idea of freedom, which may as well be a synonym for “inequality”, just like those who demand drug prohibition. They draw on this existing pool of hatred to inflame tensions between what they describe as “class struggles” between groups of individuals.

 If it weren’t for the effect of drug prohibition, the Marxists would not have had the power to further erode the principles of capitalism all these years, and that makes drug prohibition even more evil than it already was.

So you have these strange bedfellows: There are the so-called “conservatives”, who think they can tell people what they can’t do with plants, and then the Marxists, who feign support for ending drug prohibition but really just pander for power.

 They are two sides of the same ugly coin- both groups who think that democracy provides them power to ignore individual rights. They are democratic fascists.

And then Darren Wilson kills Michael Brown- which becomes an excuse for this cauldron to boil over.

Yes, Mike Brown deserved to die. I’m not saying I wanted him to die, and I’m not saying he was 100% evil. After all, he was somebody’s son. But the moment you use force against another individual for purposes other than defense- you deserve to die, regardless of the penalties prescribed by a society, and you're lucky if you don't.

 When an officer of the government uses force against a citizen for engaging in the capitalist drug trade, absent any real violation of some other individual’s rights, that force is not in the defense of liberty.  He therefore deserves the same fate as Michael Brown, and for the exact same reasons.

 The solution to these problems is simple: End drug prohibition, and hold individuals accountable for their actions, as individuals, instead.

 copyright 2014 Kenneth Shipman








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