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In one of my lives I have a circle of friends with whom I've written songs and occasionally performed since we were teenagers, and we're pretty old now. There are enough original songs to fill about 20 albums or more- not counting improvisations which was about all we did for a five year stretch. We released only four albums (Available on Itunes also)- generally demos from earlier eras, but the advent of youtube is allowing me to release new and old songs at my leisure. What more could an artist want?



A live shot from a rehearsal of The American Tarot in late 2008.


"Before the Scream"  just released!

My guitar equipment these days (I've gone through too many to mention) starting with the pedalboard:

my pedalboard

I generally play Strats or a Les Paul Classic into the Boss compressor, into the Boss GT-3 mainly for overdrive, volume and other pedal effects such as wah. Then into the Chorus pedal. Then I step up from -10 line level to balanced +4 and off to the rack effect units. Then I step back down into a Vox AC30 head and an ancient Peavey all-tube classic amp head- stereo into a marshall cabinet with vintage 60s on permanent loan from the only other person who may know that Graham Bonnet was the lead singer of Alcatraz. Of my many guitar setups over the years, this one is pretty versatile and remarkably noise free.

Here's some links to some of the finest pedalboard artists out there:

Pete Cornish:

pete cornish


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